Our Services



Whether you are embarking on new construction or a renovation project, PHC Construction can assist you from the initial concept through move-in. In addition to general construction services for a wide range of commercial and residential building types, we offer design-development coordination, site evaluation, cost estimating and analysis, constructability and design review. Our comprehensive services include owner representation, construction management, entitlements and permit assistance.

Sustainable Building



Sustainable building is a core value at PHC. As a longtime LEED certified and Built Green builder, we have always focused on projects that minimize resources and maximize efficiency. As part of our green building strategies, we focus on reducing waste, optimizing water and energy use, and improving indoor air quality. We also work closely with building owners to achieve Energy Star® ratings, which ensure ongoing energy efficiency and savings.

PHC is an expert in the field of pre-engineered building systems, a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. Because the systems are fabricated off-site, your schedule and budget are considerably reduced. Pre-engineered systems also make environmental sense because the majority of the metal comes from recycled or salvaged building material. We work with members of the U.S. Green Building Council and can provide LEED certification.





Considered one of the oldest forms of construction procedures, design-build is often compared to the “master builder” approach. It brings the construction team into the initial concept phase, and relies on a single point of responsibility throughout the design and construction process. This streamlined, efficient approach ensures project constructability from the start, helps clients use their resources more effectively along the way, reduces risk, and improves overall cost management.